Double Wood Supplements invites practitioners and store owners to contact us at if you are interested in selling our products at your businesses.

Please read this page for details about eligibility, minimum order quantities, payment and shipping terms, and exchange policies.

Wholesale Eligibility

Most practitioners and store owners (brick and mortar and ecommerce) are eligible to create a wholesale account with us as long as they do not resell our products on,,,, Amazon Japan, or Selling on these platforms is strictly prohibited and will result in the closing of your wholesale account.

Selling on your website or at your retail location is always permitted, and online marketplaces not listed above are fine to sell on as well.

Minimum Order Quantities

To obtain wholesale pricing an order of at least 24 bottles is required, with deeper discounts available for orders of at least 99 bottles.

These do not all have to be the same product, so you could order 12 units of one product and 12 units of another and get wholesale pricing on both products.

Orders for over 250 units of a given product may be eligible for lower prices than what are listed on our catalog, please email us at for a quote.

Shipping Terms

Our default shipping method for wholesale orders is USPS Priority, although other methods can be used on request. The customer assumes ownership of the package once it has been delivered.

Insurance can be purchased for all shipments on request.

Exchange Policy

Any damaged or defective units will be replaced at no additional charge. If damaged units are found, please return them and they will be replaced. No refunds will be granted for non-defective units.