Blue Spirulina Double Pack

$ 34.95

(2x 30 grams of Blue Spirulina / jar)

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• HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS SUPERFOOD - Blue Spirulina is rich in vitamins and minerals especially B-vitamins, copper, and iron as well as magnesium, potassium, and manganese.
• HIGH PHYCOCYANIN CONTENT - Our Blue Spirulina product is standardized to 35% phycocyanin making each serving provide over 350 mg of phycocyanin.
• MANUFACTURED IN THE USA - Our Blue Spirulina is manufactured and tested for safety and purity right here in the U.S.A.


Spirulina is an edible blue-green algae and is believed to be one of the oldest lifeforms on earth. Spirulina has become a popular alternative to multivitamins as it is a highly nutritious natural supplement with high levels of vitamins, minerals, protein, carotenoids, and antioxidants.

Blue Spirulina is a type of spirulina with a higher phycocyanin content than normal giving it a deep blue color. Phycocyanin has been shown have a number of health benefits including antioxidant properties and the ability to support kidney and brain health.

Recommended Dosage

As a dietary supplement, we recommend taking 1 gram (about 3/4th of a lightly packed scoop) per day with or without food. This dose can be exceeded but we do not recommend going over 2 grams per day.

Side Effects

Blue Sprulina is very well tolerated with few side effects, though some people can have allergic reactions and mild headaches and sweating have been occasionally reported.

We do not recommend using this product if you have any seafood or seaweed allergies but people without these allergies are unlikely to suffer any adverse side effects at recommended dosages.

Blue Spirulina Double Pack -

$ 34.95

(2x 30 grams of Blue Spirulina / jar)


Product Reviews

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Product ratings
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I had a juice shot with this in Hawaii! It was so good and I wanted to learn more about it. After seeing all the benefits I wanted to purchase it from a direct company to avoid big box Amazon. I will purchase again!

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