Mushroom Combo Pack

$ 59.95 $ 79.80

(Contains 1 bottle of Cordyceps Extract, Reishi Extract, Turkey Tail, and Lion's Mane.)

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- SUPPORTS IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTH - Reishi and Turkey Tail have been shown to support immune system health.
- PROMOTES FATIGUE TOLERANCE - Reishi and Cordyceps can help support fatigue tolerance and support athletic performance.
- SUPPORTS CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH - Cordyceps Mushroom Extract is a popular supplement for supporting cardiovascular health.
- SUPPORTS COGNITIVE FUNCTION - Lion's Mane Mushroom supports memory and overall cognitive acuity.
- MANUFACTURED IN THE USA - All of our supplements including these four are manufactured in the USA.


Save money on our mushroom supplements Cordyceps Extract, Reishi Extract, Turkey Tail Mushroom, and Lion’s Mane Mushroom by ordering our Mushroom Combo Pack!
- Cordyceps Mushroom Extract is a popular anti-aging supplement that is also used to support cardiovascular health and athletic performance.
- Reishi Mushroom Extract is another popular mushroom-based supplement which supports immune system health and promotes fatigue tolerance.
- Lion’s Mane Mushroom is best known for its cognitive benefits especially to memory, and also helps support healthy stress levels and provides some immune support.
- Turkey Tail Mushroom is less known than the others and is most commonly used for immune support but also contains prebiotics which promote digestive health.

Recommended Dosage

If taking all of these supplements together we recommend taking 1 capsule of each per day, if taking them separately we recommend following the dosage instructions on the label and each supplement’s product pages.

Mushroom Combo Pack -

$ 59.95 $ 79.80

(Contains 1 bottle of Cordyceps Extract, Reishi Extract, Turkey Tail, and Lion's Mane.)


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Product ratings
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Awesome! We are thrilled about the mushroom combo pack. We give mushrooms to our dog who had a stroke and has cancer. The lions mane for the stroke. She couldn’t walk or bark for months so we started giving her lions mane and within a month or so she was walking, barking, and had started running a bit. It’s been a few years and we’ve been consistent with giving her lions mane and she’s doing great now! Now with the cancer, we’ve done a lot of research with turkey tail mushrooms (research from Paul Stamets) and she’s regained a ton of energy and the tumors seem to be getting smaller—or at least not growing larger. The other mushrooms we give her regularly: Reishi for her lungs and heart. Cordyceps for oxygen uptake. Agarikon (not in this pack but would love to see it offered!) for immune system. We also take them and find them to be supreme quality. I reached out to their support a while ago to see where the mushrooms are grown, and was pleased to learn it’s all in the USA! My daughter had fallen and hit her head when she was very young. We learned about lions mane years later and began giving them to her. He improvement was excellent. Her teachers noticed how much she was able to concentrate and take in information. We suppose there was quite a bit of nerve damage (she wasn’t quite the same after the fall) but she is back to where she was! And much more confident!! She probably has noticed and felt the difference. We switched over from Paul Stamet’s product line, Host Defense, primarily because of the price. We think his might be a little more potent but for the amount you get with double wood, it’s 100% the route to go. It’s nearly double or triple the amount for a fraction of the cost. If you need more potency, just increase by a bit. (I’m no doctor; I’m just basing it off my several years as a mushroom user with excellent health.)

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