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A Vision of Health
A Foundation of Knowledge

We’re a Team with One Goal- A Better You

Our Story

Since its founding in 2013 Double Wood Supplements has been committed to disrupting the supplements industry through transparency, quality, and accessibility.

Double Wood products are practitioner grade.  We bring unique, and hard to find ingredients to market at the highest quality standards.  Our product line includes a wide range of niche supplements intended for brain health, anti-aging, immune support, and more.

At Double Wood we believe in the power of single ingredients.  Our customers are committed to their health goals, and we are here to support them.  With our single ingredient offerings customers know exactly what they’re taking, and how much.  They can stack products together towards a single goal (give an example), and they can rest assured that they know exactly what they’re taking - we provide third party testing and Certificates of Analysis for our products.

And lastly, a core belief of ours is that quality supplements should be accessible.  We offer practitioner grade quality supplements at prices that are accessible.  We do so by keeping our overhead costs low, and building a business based on repeat buyers, word of mouth, and strong customer relationships.

Here’s to your health.

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Rooted in Science,
Grounded in Transparency

We are guided by two cornerstones: transparency and a strong commitment to science — by publicizing ingredient test results so you can be confident that you’re taking the best. Because when you’re rooted in science, wellness grows.

Meet The Team

  • Eric, Chief Executive

    Lifelong Supplement Afficionado

    Eric Wenke first found Double Wood as a customer before joining as CEO. By background, Eric is an accomplished senior executive, having successfully driven profitable growth for companies of all sizes - from entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 500s. Not to mention, he has the most impressive supplement stack, taking 30+ Double Wood products on the daily!

  • Reese, Founder & Strategic Advisor


    Reese Wood, a PSU grad, was a licensed CPA who saw a need for nootropics in the supplement industry. Teaming up with his twin brother Evan (you get the name now, right?) Reese co-founded Double Wood Supplements in 2013. Reese’s energizing supplement stack includes Rhodiola, Theacrine and Huperzine.

  • Evan, Founder & Strategic Advisor

    Loves to Travel

    Evan Wood studied Economics at Penn State University and began his career as a data analyst at a national healthcare provider. This sparked Evan’s interest in wellness and supplements which later contributed to the start of Double Wood Supplements along with twin brother, Reese. Evan’s favorite supplement stack is Magnesium Threonate, L-Theanine, and Rhodiola combined with a large cup of coffee for smooth, focused energy without the jitters typically caused by caffeine.

  • Ed, Chief of Finance

    Triathlete & Dad of Twins

    Ed Perkett, our numbers guru, has over 15 years of accounting experience. He started his career working in the audit department of a New York based firm before serving as the controller at an ad tech company. His financial mastery cannot be rivaled. As a sleep-deprived dad of twins, our Magnesium Threonate, is Ed’s Double Wood dose of choice.

  • Christopher Shields, VP of Marketing

    The Alpine Authority

    As our VP of Marketing Chris’ job is to be the eyes, ears and voice of our amazing customers. Chris joins Double Wood with deep experience in the Vitamin and Supplement space, and over a decade leading eCommerce businesses. A dad of three he covets his sleep, so Apigenin is his go-to product.

  • Jess, Director of Marketing

    Yogi & Avid Gardener

    Jessica Justh is our marketing maven with over 10 years of marketing experience. She brings creative flair and vision to the brand by developing strategies and messaging that delivers Double Wood to the world, creating raving fans along the way. She loves combining herbal wisdom with her nootropic stack of Alpha GPC and Uridine.

  • John, Director of Logistics

    Philly Sports Fanatic

    John Ring is our logistics lead with over 10 years of end-to-end supply Chain experience under his belt. He started his career in aerospace logistics before serving as a Sr. Supply Chain Manager for a specialty chemicals company. John’s favorite supplements include our mighty mushroom stack of Lions Mane, Reishi and Turkey Tail.

  • Dan, Director of Amazon

    Coffee Bro

    Dan is an Amazon aficionado who started his career in consulting. When he's not growing our Amazon business or hitting the gym, you can find him roasting beans on the weekends for his side hustle Coffee Bros. In his (minimal) free time, he loves spending time with his wife and 1 year old daughter. Dan's daily dose is Creatine and Tongkat to help him reach peak performance for his MMA training.

  • Mir, Quality Assurance Director

    Cricket Connoisseur

    Mir Islam is our Quality Assurance Director bringing over 9 years of experience developing, implementing and managing the Quality Management Systems for supplements and pharmaceutical industry. He started his career in the pharma industry in quality assurance before bringing his hawk eyes to Double Wood. Mir’s daily dose includes Magnesium L-Threonate, Tongkat Ali and Berberine.

  • Ryan, Sr. Manager of Ecommerce

    Anime Stan

    Ryan Temsamrit is our website wizard with over seven years of ecommerce experience. When he’s not playing with his two kids, you can find him playing video games and developing Shopify websites. When his kiddos get sick, Ryan keeps his immune system strong with his daily dose of Quercetin and Zinc.

  • Rob, Operations

    Vegan Skateboarder

    Rob, a Massachusetts native, runs a tight logistical ship ensuring that all aspects of fulfillment run as smoothly as possible. When he’s not steering the ship, you can find Rob skateboarding at FDR in South Philly. Meat-free for 10 years, Rob loves that Double Wood offers such a large selection of vegan supplements!

  • Tyler Dannenhauer, Operations

    Skate & Motivate

    Tyler strives to deliver picking and packing perfection for our customer’s. After a busy day of filling orders, he heads to FDR to grind the quarter pipe but also enjoys tennis and gaming too! Living life to the fullest with no regrets is a mantra he reminds himself daily. Since joining the DWS team, staying focused has never been easier with CDP Choline and Uridine in his supplement stack.

  • Laura, Customer Success

    Multi-tasking Mama

    Laura Walko is our customer success rep who is dedicated to providing first class support to our customers. A wife and mom of 2 delightful children, when she’s not tossing the soccer ball with her kids, she’s tossing hundreds of orders for delivery each day. She remains forever young with Double Wood's Anti-Aging Stack. 

  • Natalya, Graphic Designer

    Design Dynamo

    Our in-house design diva, Natalya Lomko captivates the audience with her amazing designs and seamless style. She loves to travel, and her unique and stunning aesthetic reflects her worldwide knowledge. A beloved cat mom of 2 fur babies, she enjoys cuddling on the couch with her kitties and husband. Their favorite show… THE OFFICE! Natalya keeps her cortisol levels in check with our Adrenal Support Drops.

  • Chris, Operations

    Outdoor Enthusiast

    Chris is our outdoor enthusiast with a passion for hitting the mark—literally and figuratively! When Chris isn't packing up your DWS orders you can find him hiking up a mountain or find him with a bow in hand, channeling his inner Robin Hood. When he's not enjoying the outdoors, you can find him watching hockey and cheering on the Flyers! Chris' daily dose includes our pre-workout. His preferred flavor is the fruit punch of course!

  • Joe, Operations

    Philly Sports Fanatic

    Meet Joe Stafford, the ultimate fan of all things fast and Philly sports related! Whether it's the thrill of a last-minute E-A-G-L-E-S touchdown or the roar of engines on the racetrack, Joe is front and center, cheering on his favorite Philly teams and drivers. But it's not just about the sports—Joe loves to share the excitement with friends and family. When he's not meticulously packing your DWS supplement stacks, you can find him making every moment a winning one with his loved ones. His go-to supplement stack includes Creatine and Fadogia, a winning combo!