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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for frequently asked questions, if you have any questions you'd like added to this page please contact us here.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we can ship to most countries outside of the USA, please see our shipping policies page here for more information. Not sure if a specific product can be shipped to your country? Click here for a list of banned items by country.

Why can't you ship to Mexico and Russia?

Regretfully, we cannot ship to Mexico as we were informed by DHL the Mexican government requires residents to have an import license to import supplements from abroad. We have no way to validate these before shipping an order, and most shipments we've tried sending to Mexico lately have been turned back with that reasoning.

We cannot ship directly to Russia as DHL does not currently provide service there.

We invite customers who wish to have their order shipped to Mexico or Russia to utilize a US based postal forwarder with experience in shipping packages there.

How do I cancel an Amazon subscription?

Regretfully Amazon does not allow us to view or cancel subscriptions through their platform, they handle all of this themselves. Please contact Amazon's customer service directly and they will be able to cancel your subscription for you. Please see here for a full explanation of how to cancel Amazon subscriptions.

Why am I unable to checkout with PayPal, with specific products like Sulbutiamine and Cissus in my cart?

Regretfully Paypal views Sulbutiamine and a few others as a restricted product and do not allow the use of their services for transactions including this product so such products can only be purchased with a credit card.

What type of gelatin is used in your capsules?

All of the gelatin capsules in our products use bovine gelatin, though some products use veggie (hypromellose) capsules instead.

Are your bovine gelatin capsules sourced from the USA or imported?

Our bovine gelatin capsules are sourced from Canada and certified kosher. All of our products are manufactured in the USA at cGMP certified labs.

Where can I learn more about your affiliate program?

Please see here for more information about our affiliate program, including how to join.

Do you test for heavy metals?

We do test for both heavy metals and microbiological contamination. While all supplements will have trace amounts of heavy metals in them as an unavoidable consequence of the manufacturing process, in our products these values are lower than you'll find in 99% of supplements on the market and are only a fraction of the way to the FDA's safe level specification which is listed next to the actual amounts on the COA.

Is there any possibility of drug contamination in your products?

Regretfully, we do not test for accidental drug contamination, this is for a few reasons but mainly its due to both the expense being very high (a couple hundred per product per drug tested for, we would have to run a separate test for every drug we wanted to test for, repeated for every product.) and because our manufacturing facility only works with dietary supplements and does not produce pharmaceuticals there is no vector for accidental contamination to occur in the first place.

Furthermore we have never had a single report of anyone failing a drug test due to using our products. But yes as our manufacturing facility doesn't work with any controlled substances there is no vector for contamination with them.