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Double Wood Supplements Affiliate Program

Want to make money promoting Double Wood Supplements products? Our affiliate program allows anyone with a website or social media presence to earn commissions on every referral they make.

Once approved, you can generate custom links to our website that will give you credit for any sales made by customers that click them. If you place these links on your website or social media posts, they can allow easy and long-term monetization of your content.

How Much Can I Make?

We offer very generous commissions that increase as you make sales. Our commissions are grouped into tiers based on an affiliates total lifetime sales, so once you reach a new tier you'll stay there as long as you remain in our program.

Our base commission rate for new affiliates is 10%, with the following tiers available based on total sales:

  • Base: 10%
  • 25 Total Sales: 12.5%
  • 50 Total Sales: 15%
  • 100 Total Sales: 17.5%
  • 250 Total Sales: 20%
  • 500 Total Sales: 22.5%
  • 1000 Total Sales: 25%

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

With so many affiliate programs to choose from, why choose Double Wood Supplement's affiliate program?

One reason is our product line, which includes many products that are unique and in high demand. Few supplement companies offer such diverse products including:

Our average customer order is $48, with 1.2 items per order. Conversion rates for PPC often exceed 5%, though they vary by product so please speak with your affiliate manager to increase your odds of running a successful campaign.

Our cookies last for 60 days, meaning any visitor you refer who purchases any time within that 60 days will be credited to you as a sale.

We offer a 10% starting commission, with rates going as high as 25%. Unlike competing programs when you advance to the next commission tier you'll stay there for good! No more getting bumped down to the first tier and having to work back up every month.

Our affiliate program is run through Share-a-Sale, one of the largest affiliate networks in the world.

You do not need to be an expert affiliate marketer to join our program! Whether you have your own website or blog, or are just a customer who'd like to share our link to your friends on Facebook and get paid for doing so you're welcome to join our program.

Double Wood Supplements has been in buisness over 5 years and has an excellent reputation and thousands of satisfied customers. Our refund rate is below 1% despite having a generous return policy.

All orders ship in 1 business day, and we offer free US shipping.

We have a large collection of creatives, banners, and images that all affiliates are free to use to promote our products.

Finally, we are committed to your success as an affiliate and are always here to help! If you have any questions about our affiliate program please email us at or complete the form on our sidebar.

The registration process just takes a few minutes. Sign up today, and start earning!

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Have Questions?

Ordering from Canada?

Unfortunately we can't accept credit card payments from non-US credit cards through, but we've been working hard to make our products available in Canada and have a few options for Canadians to order.

Many of our products are available to purchase on, and are currently warehoused in Canada. If the products you're looking for are on, this will be the easiest and quickest way to order.

Alpha GPC


Bacopa Monnieri Extract


CDP Choline


Citrus Bergamot Extract




Huperzine A




Magnesium Threonate


Rhodiola Rosea Extract


S-Acetyl L-Glutathione




Order by Email

Send us an email at with what you'd like to order, and we will send over an invoice from another of our websites that can take international credit card payments. Once the invoice is paid we will ship out your order promptly.