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Register Your Product

Register your product with us today for exclusive benefits including:

  • Returnless refunds up to 60 days after delivery. (Unopened bottles still must be returned.)
  • Discount code for 20% off your next order. (One use per customer)
  • Other exclusive promotions sent out on occasion.

How to Register

To register your product just complete the form to the right with the requested information including your name, email address, where you ordered the product you're registering and the order number for that order.

Once you submit the form you'll receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription, once this is done you'll receive a second email with your discount code.

This warranty list is distinct from our normal email list and you will only receive infrequent emails with exclusive promotions as mentioned above.

Please contact us here with any questions or concerns.

Ordering from Canada?

Unfortunately we can't accept credit card payments from non-US credit cards through, but we've been working hard to make our products available in Canada and have a few options for Canadians to order.

Many of our products are available to purchase on, and are currently warehoused in Canada. If the products you're looking for are on, this will be the easiest and quickest way to order.

Alpha GPC


Bacopa Monnieri Extract


CDP Choline


Citrus Bergamot Extract




Huperzine A




Magnesium Threonate


Rhodiola Rosea Extract


S-Acetyl L-Glutathione




Order by Email

Send us an email at with what you'd like to order, and we will send over an invoice from another of our websites that can take international credit card payments. Once the invoice is paid we will ship out your order promptly.