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DWS Wholesale Program Policies

Double Wood Supplements invites practitioners and store owners to complete our wholesale application if you are interested in selling our products at your business.

Please read this page for details about eligibility, minimum order quantities, payment and shipping terms, and exchange policies.  Please note that Double Wood’s general Terms and Conditions for this website and the Double Wood products also continue to apply.[1]

Ordering Process and Terms

Please complete the wholesale application to apply for a wholesale account.  If approved, you will be given an account on our website, where you can log in and order by credit card at your convenience.

While the typical wholesale order is paid in advance and shipped within 2 business days of payment being received, we do provide some customers with alternative terms on a case by case basis. Wire transfers can be accepted for orders too large to be paid via credit card.

Wholesale Eligibility

Most practitioners and store owners (whether brick and mortar or ecommerce) are eligible to create a wholesale account with us as long as they do not resell our products on,, any European Amazon Site, Amazon Japan,,, or By purchasing from us at wholesale rates you agree not to sell or resell on these platforms and to accept legal liability for any damages caused by violation of our wholesale policy. 

Selling on your own website or at your retail locations is always permitted, and online marketplaces not listed above are also fine to sell on.

Persons intending to use the products for personal or non-commercial use are not permitted to create a wholesale account.

Prohibited Markets

Due to exclusivity agreements in place, we are not accepting new wholesale customers in the following countries.

  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Mongolia

Please see our authorized distributor list for contact information for the authorized distributions in each country.

Minimum Acceptable Pricing Policy

If selling online, you agree not to price the purchased products at a price lower than that product is sold for on either or the listing for that product. (You may choose the lower of the two prices if a discrepancy exists.)

Minimum Order Quantities

To obtain wholesale pricing, an order of at least 24 bottles is required.

Qualifying goods do not all have to be the same product, so you could order 12 units of one product and 12 units of another to get wholesale pricing on both products.

Deeper discounts are available for orders of at least 99 bottles of one or more products. 

Orders of over 250 units of the same product may be eligible for lower prices than what are listed on our catalog; please email us at for a quote.

Shipping Terms

Our default shipping method for wholesale orders is Fedex Ground, although other methods can be used on request.  When an order is placed, it will be shipped to an address designated by the purchaser as long as that shipping address is compliant with the shipping restrictions contained on this Web Site.  As a result, the risk of loss and title for items purchased from this Web Site will pass to you upon delivery of the items to the carrier. Customer takes responsibility: FOB origin for pickup, FOB destination for delivery.

Insurance can be purchased for all shipments on request.

Contact us for information on international shipping options.

Our standard terms apply to any order cancellations.

Exchange Policy

Any goods that arrive damaged or defective will be replaced at no additional charge. If damaged units are found within fifteen (15) days of delivery, please return them and they will be replaced. No refunds will be granted for non-defective units.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate commissions will not be paid on wholesale orders, and intentionally using cashback programs for reimbursement on wholesale orders is grounds for termination from the wholesale program.

Tax Exempt Sales

If your company is eligible for sales tax exemption, we kindly request that you provide us with a valid Sales Tax Exemption Certificate during the onboarding process, and before your first order.  By presenting a valid exemption certificate, your company can enjoy relief from paying sales tax on qualifying purchases.

To ensure a smooth and efficient transaction, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify Eligibility: Ensure that your company is eligible for sales tax exemption according to the tax laws in your jurisdiction.

  1. Submit the Certificate: As a requirement of onboarding, submit a copy of your valid Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to our sales team. You can email it to, or upload it to the website as part of your profile.

  1. Update Renewals: Please remember to keep your exemption certificate up-to-date and renew it as required by the relevant tax authorities.

If you do not currently have a certificate, please find below a link to forms you may follow to complete for your business:

Multi-state exemption certificates:

MTC:  MTC Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate

SST:  SST Certificate of Exemption


You or we may suspend or terminate your wholesale account (or your use of this web site) at any time, for any reason or for no reason. You are personally liable for any orders placed through your account prior to termination.  We reserve the right to change, suspend, or discontinue all or any aspect of the wholesale account services at any time without notice.