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$29.95  (30 x 300 mg capsules)


  • INCREASE FOCUS AND VIGILANCE - Adrafinil is a potent nootropic supplement that makes paying attention easier.
  • ENHANCE COGNITION AND MENTAL ACUITY - Improves working memory, motivation, and problem solving ability.
  • BOOST MOTIVATION - Have more energy when tackling complex problems or long assignments.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Our Adrafinil is manufactured right here in the US.


Many people consider Adrafinil to be the most potent nootropic available that does not require a prescription. It has been proven to enhance a wide range of cognitive functions including memory, focus, energy, and problem solving ability. It has also been shown to positively effect mood and increase levels of motivation. It is the perfect nootropic for students looking to pick up an extra edge in the classroom or employees who experience mental or physical fatigue during the work day.

Recommended Dosage:

The recommended dosage of Adrafinil is 300 mg, although some people have reported needing 600 mg to experience it’s full benefits. It’s recommended to start at a 300 mg dose, and to only increase the dosage if you find this dosage to be insufficient.

Taking doses higher than 600 mg at once not only increases the possibility of experiencing adverse side effects, but may even reduce the effectiveness of the compound.

Adrafinil Side Effects:

Unlike amphetamines and related stimulants, Adrafinil does not cause any anxiogenic (anxiety causing) side effects or other side effects resulting from stimulation of the peripheral nervous system. [1][2] That said, Adrafinil has been known to cause the following side effects in some individuals:

  • Mild headaches
  • Nausea
  • Appetite reduction
  • Increase in liver enzyme counts
  • Insomnia

Most important to note is that Adrafinil has been shown to increase counts of liver enzymes when taken regularly, suggesting that sustained use could cause liver damage. It’s effect on liver enzyme profiles is small and has been shown to be similar to that of tylenol. This means that while infrequent use isn’t likely to cause liver damage, like with Tylenol Adrafinil should never be taken with alcohol and any drugs shown to have similar effects on liver enzymes.

* These reviews are the experiences of the individual customers that submitted them, results may differ from person to person.

Product ratings
Number of reviews : 13
Average rating : 4.7 /5
I have tried other brands and they do not compare to doublewoods
Still waiting for it to kick in
Provides even focus for the entire day. Not as effective when taken with food though. I make sure to take it on a bone dry stomach to get best results
If you can't get modafinil this will do the trick but modafinil just always hits me harder and faster
This keeps me wide awake from when I wake up till I go to sleep. Makes focusing at work a breeze. Sometime I even need a beer or two to crash at night it is so potent.
This seems much stronger than any of the other Adrafinil I have tried. Without a doubt it enhances focus
Adrafinil is a great product, when I use it it provides me sustained energy that lasts all day and makes the occasional double shift at work go by much easier. My only small complaint is that it takes about 2-3 hours to kick in, so you'll have to plan ahead and take it a few hours ahead of time.
Takes a long time to kick in (like 3 hours) but does keep me feeling very focused and awake all day long. Great for days I just didn't get a good nights sleep.
Works great if you don't use more than once a week or so, but a tolerance forms quickly if you start using it too often.
This stuff really helps me get in a flow state while working, I'm much more productive on the days I use it.
I'm a CPA and sometimes have trouble getting through the long work days during busy season. I've been using Adrafinil for an extra boost on the days where I'm dragging and it has been a great help. While it takes awhile to kick in (about 3 hours), once it hits it provides nice steady energy all day long
Every week my study group and I meet and spend all afternoon pouring over class notes, taking practice tests, and doing homework. Before trying Adrafinil I had trouble staying focused during these, and would start daydreaming and losing focus a few hours in.