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Beginner's Nootropic Stack

$ 59.95 (Contains Alpha GPC, Uridine, Theacrine, and L-Theanine)


  • IMPROVE COGNITIVE FUNCTION - Alpha GPC and Uridine is a common nootropic combination that has been shown to improve many aspects of cognitive function.
  • CLEAN CALM ENERGY - The classic caffeine / L-Theanine combo is improved by substituting Theacrine for caffeine.
  • INTRODUCTION TO NOOTROPICS - Get started with nootropics by trying the two most popular combinations for just $59.95!
  • MADE IN THE USA - All of our products are manufactured right here in the US.


Try the two most popular nootropic stacks for just $59.95! This special deal contains the popular Alpha GPC + Uridine stack, as well as the popular Caffeine + L-Theanine combination with Theacrine substituted for caffeine.

Alpha GPC and Uridine - Both supplements work to increase levels of the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and synergize well to boost memory and overall cognitive function.

Theacrine and L-Theanine - Another popular combination, L-Theanine works well to smooth out some of the jitters and anxiety associated with stimulants like Theacrine.

Both of these stacks are mild but effective, making them popular introductary stacks for people new to using nootropics.

Recommended Dosage

Alpha GPC: Take 1-2 300mg capsules in the morning, and again in the afternoon if needed.

Uridine: Take 1-2 300 mg per day to support cholinergic brain function and formation of synaptic connections, repeat in the afternoon if needed.

L-Theanine: Take 1-2 200 mg capsules in the morning with Theacrine.

Theacrine: Take 1-2 100 mg capsules in the morning. (200 mg of Theacrine is equivalent to about 1 cup of coffee.)

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