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Alpha GPC

$ 17.95 (60 x 300 mg capsules)


  • INCREASE CHOLINE LEVELS - Alpha GPC is the most Bioavailable form of Choline on the market.
  • ENHANCE MEMORY - Remember more information for your exams, forget less deadlines at work, no more losing your car keys.
  • BOOST COGNITIVE FUNCTION - Improves working memory, motivation, and problem solving ability.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Our Alpha GPC is manufactured right here in the US.


Alpha GPC is the most bioavailable form of Choline currently available. Choline is a water soluble nutrient which acts as a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine plays an important role in many cognitive processes including memory, intelligence, and mood. Alpha GPC is generally regarded as the most potent form of Choline due to it's ability to rapidly pass the blood brain barrier.

Recommended Dosage

A conservative dosage estimate when taking Alpha GPC as a general nootropic supplement is to take 1-2 300mg capsules in the morning. This dosage can be repeated in the afternoon if necessary.

While there is no real consensus on an optimal dose, and no health organizations have provided any dosage guidelines it is generally not recommended to exceed a dosage of 1200 mg per day.

Alpha GPC Side Effects

When used at moderate doses of less than 1200 mg per day, and less than 600 mg taken at any one time Alpha GPC is extremely well tolerated and rarely are adverse side effects present. Some people have reported minor side effects including heartburn, insomnia, and dizziness. Consult your physician before taking this product

* These reviews are the experiences of the individual customers that submitted them, results may differ from person to person.

Product ratings
Number of reviews : 15
Average rating : 4.9 /5
Keep your mind sharp.
Made in the USA, effective, competitive pricing on a solid product.
If I take 2 capsules it makes me sooooo tired I can barely stay awake. If I take 1 capsules I feel more alert and motivated for 3-4 hours or so.
Didn't expect much but this had me so laser focued I was actually grinding my teeth for a little
Product always arrive in perfect condition and on time!
I have noticed an increase in mental sharpness both in myself and my husband who has Parkinson's disease.
Best product around, I've tried many and double wood leads the pack with the most quality product!
I just started taking this a week or two ago, so have not had much experience with it. I started out with a single capsule and then after a few days worked up to two capsules twice a day, once I was sure there were no side effects. I bought this brand because the Alpha GPC form of Choline is supposed to be the best form. I will update this review I I develop any more information.
Unlike choline bitartrate and citicoline, Alpha GPC actually crosses your blood brain barrier and affects your nervous system. I guess this must be why I get a better effect from GPC as opposed to the other sources of Choline. I find it works well on its own but even better with other nootropics. I have been using it with a small dose of noopept for a couple of weeks now and am very pleased with the results. The best way to describe it is that my head becomes incredibly “clear” and I can think so much more easily.
I read a lot about this product before I purchased it. Not wanting to be on antidepressants again, I decided that there were too many positive reports that it worked to not give it a try. I have been taking it for a week now and have not experienced any adverse effects. I take two capsules in the morning. I noticed that my energy levels and mood are more consistent on a day to day basis. I am sleeping at least 7 hours nightly as well. I will continue to use this as long as I feel good.
Shipment arrived in very good time & well packaged. Have only taken this supplement on one occasion since receiving it however so cannot judge its overall benefit effect in conjunction with another that I take on occasion to enhance cognitive acuity. However I CAN say, for approximately 6 hours on the day I took both supplements together, my mental clarity, focus, and concentration definitely seemed sharper. Actually I should note, I have been taking a somewhat cautious & mildly skeptical approach toward this and other ""nu-tropic"" products trying to minimize any placebo type effects as much as possible. But this product seems to improve/enhance alertness in the minimum.
I’ve noticed a subtle boost in memory after taking this product.
Definitely can think clearer after taking
I’ve tried a few different choline sources before, but Alpha GPC is noticeably superior to all others. Highly recommended for any nootropics user.
Is packaged well and was delivered on time. I’m taking it with Uridine to help me retain more of the information I hear in lectures and it has been working great so far