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CDP Choline

$ 17.95 (60 x 300 mg Capsules)


  • INCREASE CHOLINE LEVELS - CDP Choline is a potent and cost effective way to increase acetylcholine levels.
  • ENHANCE MEMORY - Learn information with greater ease, retain more of what you learn, and recall memories quicker.
  • BOOST COGNITIVE FUNCTION - Improves working memory, motivation, and problem solving ability
  • MADE IN THE USA - Our CDP Choline is manufactured right here in the US


CDP Choline is a potent and cost effective way to supplement your choline intake. Choline is a water soluble nutrient which acts as a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine plays an important role in many cognitive processes including memory, intelligence, and mood.

Recommended Dosage

A conservative dosage estimate when taking CDP Choline as a general nootropic supplement is to take 1-2 300mg capsules in the morning. This dosage can be repeated in the afternoon if necessary. While there is no real consensus on an optimal dose, and no health organizations have provided any dosage guidelines it is generally not recommended to exceed a dosage of 1200 mg per day.

CDP Choline Side Effects

When used at moderate doses of less than 1200 mg per day, and less than 600 mg taken at any one time CDP Choline is extremely well tolerated and rarely are adverse side effects present. Some people have reported minor side effects including heartburn, insomnia, and dizziness. Consult your physician before taking this product.

* These reviews are the experiences of the individual customers that submitted them, results may differ from person to person.

Product ratings
Number of reviews: 10
Average rating : 4.5/5
I heard this can benefit babies while pregnant and have been taking it as it was approved by my OBG. Great customer support and shipping was quick
My memory has improved and no this is not a placebo
I bought this due to recommendations of CDP Choline as a highly bio-available source of choline. My purpose for adding this was to help alleviate some of the tip-of-the-tongue moments when speaking. As I am in management and also teach a class regularly, I need to be at my best cognitively and speech wise. The Double Wood brand had good reviews and the best price so I decided to order a bottle and try it. I take it in the AM along with my other supplements. The effects are subtle but apparent--my thoughts and speech seem to be more synchronized and over-all seem to flow better. I have since ordered my 2nd bottle and plan to keep this a regular part of my regimen. A good purchase!
I had been using another brand of citicoline for a couple of years, and I was satisfied with the results. I ordered this to try it out, and after a couple of weeks I noticed an improvement in cognitive clarity. It has a slightly higher active ingredient content than the product that I had been taking. I will be using the Double Wood brand from now on...
It helps with memory but made the skin on my eyelids blister and made me very thirsty. If you dont have side effects like I did they its good. Everyone is different
First I tried the alpha version from Double Wood after trying the Bitartrate from a local market. Althought it is hard for me to really distinguish the different form, I do find Choline to help me focus and seems to improve memory. Double Wood is packaged well, made in USA, and the capsules are easy to swallow ( unlike the pressed pills from ""other "" sellers. Company seems great, product is pretty good. Only thing with Choline is it seems to stop having effect if taken daily. I use it on days I need a little extra, like a test or new learning activities.
Have just started using it but I have been told this product is the best for the brain and memory. I think I'm a little bit clearer - a tad better memory in just the 4 days I've been taking it.
For a period of one year I had been suffering from cognitive impairment, memory loss, and an inability to focus (due to possibly an ischemic stroke which I have suffered from in the past). I saw a Neurologist who recommended more sleep, less caffeine consumption, and more activity. I think it was great advice however it was not working for me. One day I was looking online for supplements which boost memory when I came across CDP Choline. I ordered a bottle and after a few weeks I felt like myself again. I was able to focus at work and recall things much easier. I take one pill along with a Men's One-A-Day every morning and I no longer worry about being unable to be productive at work or being forgetful as I was before I started taking CDP Choline
I have CFS/ME and have spent thousands on supplements and treatments. I will try anything that may help. Every person is different but this was the first supplement that increased my energy and my cognition. HIGHLY recommended.
Prompt delivery. I especially like the extra 50 mgs over the other brand that I was using previously for the same price. I convinced a friend to make the switch also.