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NMN Bulk Powder

$ 129.95 (30 grams bulk NMN Powder)
NMN Bulk Powder
NMN Bulk Powder
NMN Bulk Powder

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Allergen Notice:

  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan

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  • SUPPORTS ENERGY METABOLISM - Research has shown NMN may promote energy production, especially in older individuals.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY AGING - Studies have shown NMN promotes DNA repair and supports the SIRTUN genes that have been associated with healthy aging and longevity.
  • SUPPORTS NAD+ PRODUCTION - NMN is orally bioavailable and has supports NAD+ production in liver and muscle tissue.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Our NMN Powder is manufactured right here in the USA and is tested for purity and potency.


Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is a naturally occurring compound that is in small amounts in the human body as well as some foods. NMN is orally bioavailable, and when taken orally can support NAD+ levels within liver and muscle tissue.

Recent research has suggested that NMN may support cardiovascular health, energy production, cognitive health, and well as retinal and bone health. One especially interesting finding of NMN research is that it may promote DNA repair and support the activation of the SIRTUIN genes which are thought to play a role in healthy aging.

Recommended Dosage

The generally recommended dosage of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is anywhere between 250 – 1500 mg per day. Our NMN product contains 30 grams of NMN, making a 1 gram daily dose a convenient amount to use.

It is not recommended to take the entire day’s dose all at once, but to break it up into many smaller doses taken every 1.5-2 hours. Because of NMN’s short half life using it this way will cause NAD+ levels to be elevated all day long.

If taking a total dose of 1 gram per day, we would recommend breaking this up into around 8 total doses of 125 mg each taken around 1.5 hours apart.

NMN Bulk Powder Side Effects

While NMN is a fairly new supplement and research is ongoing, the studies that have been conducted so far have shown it to be very safe and non-toxic.

Side effects are rare, but itchiness, dizziness, sweating, and nausea have been reported on occasion. Please consult your physician before taking NMN.

NMN Bulk Powder  -   $ 129.95  (30 grams bulk NMN Powder)

Product ratings
Number of reviews : 34
Average rating : 4.6 /5
I have been taking NMN for close to 2 years now and my biomarkers have improved. I like knowing that Doublewood does independent testing on all their products.
Very good product my body feels better every day.
Assay-verified high quality!
gives more energy
Still using and no complaints!
Great supplement and high quality.
Not seeing results yet, but will give it more time.
good price
Looks good
Lots of promise, but too early to tell.
This stuff is terrific. I saw the price of the 3 bucket pack & thought to myself...why would anybody buy that much!? Now after i bought my first bucket i will be getting that 3 pack! Eat healthy, be active, take this a few times a day [with a pinch of black pepper], be patient, have faith, see the results after a few weeks. adding pterostillbene, maybe deer velvet can enhance these results.
This is a quality product.
This appears to be a high quality product.
I bought this because it doesn't have bovine gelatin.
I choose to take NMN based on the research findings of David Sinclair and others. The product (NMN), supplied by, has met my needs. I will continue to use the product. Thanks!
This is the freshest (and likely purest) NMN I've ever taken, and I've tried many. I realize this is subjective but I can literally taste the freshness, and I feel a noticeable boost of energy each morning after using it. I highly recommend this brand, there is really no point in taking inert, spoiled, or otherwise ineffective NMN supplements. This one has a solid reputation and research to back it up.
consistent quality
Seems to be an excellent product; dissolves under tongue well for maximum absorption. Taste is similar to vitamin C powder, but not quite as strong.
Good product. High quality. Deceptively large container for the amount of product inside.
Too soon to know
Very satisfied with the product, packaging, and delivery.
Thank you.
I have been taking NMN powder for 3 weeks and I have started to feel more energized and healthier.
great product
I've only been using the NMN powder for 11 days, so this may be premature. So far however, I've been pleased. The powder is easy to measure and put in smoothies. I've also tasted it by itself and ut actually tastes good. It has a citrus flavor. As far as observable benefits, I'd have to say I do notice i haven't been getting tired mid-day like I used to. Is it the powder? Time will tell.
Product seems to be as described. Very Fine white powder with a 1 gram scoop inside. My seal some how glued itself to the lid and tore when i took the top off, but powder was dry with no clumping. I can not attest to the purity or anything as I have no method of testing it, however i do feel more energized when taking it - and believe that with persistent use there can be great benefits.
The company gave a great idea to put a scoop in water and drink a fifth every 2 hours. Works great.
First day I used this I got a ferocious headache. I continued to use it after day 1 because I was assuming perhaps it's just a weird first-time effect. I have not had a headache since. On the other hand, I get a weird burning sensation in my left arm for about 4-6 hours after taking a dose in the morning. This was extremely expensive, so I keep using it hoping that this weird sensation will go away, but here I am somewhere around 2 weeks later (give or take a day or two) and I still get the burning sensation. I haven't found anywhere that people say they have this side effect, so I am wondering whether the product degraded into something problematic during shipping? I have read in a few places that it needs to be kept cold or it degrades, but there is no way it wasn't exposed to high heat while shipping in the summer.
good product, aside from the scoop that is used to extract the powder. The label recommends consuming your daily dose in several intervals throughout the day. The scoop is a 1 gram scoop with no other markings, so you are left with guessing how much you have used. Second, the scoop's diameter is too large relative to the depressions in bottom of the container. This means that when you get to the bottom of the container, getting the powder out is somewhat problematic. A simple design flaw, either in the scoop's diameter or in the depressions in the bottom of the container.
NMN is a really good supplement for increasing energy production throughout the day.
Review would be premature at this time. Haven't been taken this supplement too long.
I have enjoyed this brand of NMN. The quality appears to be superior to other capsule style brands I've tried based on taste and how I feel after. There is good value too with the quantity if you're trying to get 1g/day. I also like how well is dissolves sublingually. Great company that uses GMP manufacturing. Thanks!
The product is well packaged and is in a form that makes it convenient to mix with my morning yogurt.
I'm not sure how much this is helping yet but I'm taking several supplements so it could be harder to tell. I will keep taking this for now.

* These reviews are the experiences of the individual customers that submitted them, results may differ from person to person.

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