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$ 17.95 (60 x 100 mg Capsules)


  • ENHANCE ENERGY - Theacrine provides a noticable boost to mental and physical energy similar to that of caffeine.
  • IMPROVE FOCUS AND MOTIVATION - Studies have shown that Theacrine increases one's motivation and ability to concentrate.
  • LOW TOLERANCE - Studies have shown no tolerance forming to Theacrine even after weeks of daily use.
  • MADE IN USA - This nootropic is manufactured right here in the USA, using high quality, pure, Theacrine


Theacrine is an energy and focus boosting supplement that works in a similar way to caffeine. It's primary advantage is that a tolerance to its effects builds at a much slower pace. While a caffeine tolerance begins to set in after only a few days of use, studies have shown no formation in tolerance to Theacrine even after a week of daily use.

Recommended Dosage

If you've never used Theacrine before, we recommend starting with a dosage of one 100 mg capsule taken in the morning. If necessary, increase this dose to 200 mg. It is not recommended to exceed 400 mg of Theacrine in one day.

Theacrine Side Effects

Theacrine's properties are very similar to caffeine, and it's side effects are no exception. When taken at moderate to high doses nervousness, restlessness, nausea, and increased heart rate are all potential side effects.

* These reviews are the experiences of the individual customers that submitted them, results may differ from person to person.

Product ratings
Number of reviews : 9
Average rating : 4.8 /5
Quality product and stacks well with other stims!
Energy that is clean and lasts for a while. No fog and not groggy. I will buy more.
Love this just before a workout for just little more energy with out having to resort to cafffiene.
Theacrine is a very pure and unique form of caffeine. I've noticed it provides alertness without the ""jangle"" of strong coffee. You might think there is no effect at all, until you realize your ability to react quickly to driving hazards is better than usual. Though I love coffee, I find that theacrine doesn't make me scattered or nervous, but it does seem to help with focus and reaction time. I've found that I can sleep when I need to, but when I'm tired and have to drive home from work in the dark (winding mountain road with wildlife and truck traffic), I can more easily stay alert with theacrine-it seems to help with overall coping skills.
Works. WAY TOO STRONG! I like strong coffee, but one of these was like drinking 5 cups. Anxiety was as high or higher than coffee. Could not fall asleep that night. Next time I try this, I will open up the capsule and use only part of the powder inside. Nice to have as a coffee alternative on the shelf.
I used theacrine first time as it is a new product. It provided all the benefits of caffeine without the jitters and side effects on heart rate (Tachycardia). This was good and it did not require increased doses like caffeine does after couple of weeks. The effect is steady and without the jolting effect of caffeine. So far there are no withdrawal issues. It has been proven safe and use it as directed. It has additional benefits as well. Double Wood's quality and satisfaction assurance is a definite plus. Hopefully they can bring the prices down with increased production and increase usage in market by smart consumers.
Over the last year I had developed a crippling caffeine addiction, and was drinking 4 cups of coffee per day. I knew I needed to quit, but the withdrawals left me useless at work. I read up about Theacrine, which provides many of the same benefits and made the switch two weeks ago. The Theacrine gives me the same boost of caffeine, but I haven’t developed a tolerance yet so I only need one capsule per morning. So glad I decided to try this!
While my workout partner loves taking preworkout supplements before lifting with me, I don't like the idea of taking a cocktail of mystery chemicals every day before hitting the gym.
I take this every day I workout, right before going to the gym. It gives me just the boost in motivation and energy I need to get myself in there and have a good workout.