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Creatine 101: To Load Or Not To Load

Creatine 101: To Load Or Not To Load - Double Wood Supplements

Laura Walko |

Heavy lifting is not for the faint of heart. But just because you’ve crushed all your other self improvement goals, does not mean you should attack this one alone. Keep reading for info on how and when to take some of our best weight lifting additions to max results in less time. 
Creatine is one of the most researched supplements available. Creatine is not an amino acid although it demonstrates many of the same properties as amino acids. Creatine can be naturally obtained through diet by eating foods such as red meat and seafood.Taking Creatine as a supplement is very common among both athletes and bodybuilders alike. Benefits include muscle gain, improved exercise performance, enhanced strength and endurance. It has even been found to reduce fatigue and support mental endurance. 
One of the newer uses for creatine that’s gained popularity is called creatine loading. Creatine loading is commonly used with bodybuilders as a way to increase muscle and obtain the benefits of creatine faster than if taking the regular recommended dose. The “loading” phase can include doses up to 20 mg a day for approximately a week. This is believed to help saturate the body’s creatine levels. Once the “loading” phase is complete, the user can maintain creatinine levels using a 5 mg daily dose. Increasing your dosage for longer than the recommended dose can lead to increased side effects such as bloating and GI discomfort. 
The loading phase is often recommended by trainers and coaches during the process of bulking and cutting. Bulking is the process of bodybuilding where the person consumes extra calories in order to “bulk” up for a set amount of time (typically 4-6 weeks). This is followed by a period of intense lifting and consuming fewer calories hence the name “cut”. This two part process is intended to increase muscle mass and definition. Creatine is often recommended during this time in both phases of bulking and cutting due to its ability to assist with muscle growth as well as muscle recovery. 
For additional help with power output, Turkesterone is a popular choice. Like creatine, Turkesterone is known best for muscle recovery as well as muscle growth, especially when used during resistance training. Like creatine, Turkesterone is very well tolerated, Double Wood does not suggest exceeding the recommended daily dose. 
Both Double Wood’s Creatine and Turkesterone are soy, gluten free and GMO free. In addition, all of Double Woods supplements come with a money back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase. And all Double Wood’s products are third party tested to ensure quality ingredients.