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The Top 3 Supplement Mistakes Everyone Makes

The Top 3 Supplement Mistakes Everyone Makes - Double Wood Supplements

Jessica Justh |

People make mistakes in their supplement stack more often than you think. According to the Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, 77 percent of Americans report they consume dietary supplements daily. Now think about this, how many of those people are buying cheap and not reading labels? Let’s take a look at some of these oversights and  shed some light on some common supplement mistakes so you can become a savvy shopper and see why life is good at Double Wood.

Mistake 1: Taking a Vitamin D3 / K2 Supplement with Inactive K2 

When taken together, Vitamins D3 and K2 pack quite the powerful punch – D3 increasing calcium absorption and K2 routing extra calcium to all the right places -- IF the K2 is of the “All-Trans” variety. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that 99% of K2 supplements are biologically inactive, meaning that all of that calcium has nowhere to go, with that buildup taking a toll on the body later in life. What’s the Double Wood difference? We use K2VITAL®, a patented, 99.7% all-trans K2 MK-7. It’s identical to the K2 molecule found in nature and fully bioactive, so everyone gets the best possible benefits for their bones, heart, and body.

Check the supplement fact panel of your D3 K2 supplement right away. If it doesn’t say “All-Trans” K2, you should seriously consider finding a new D3 K2 supplement here.

Mistake 2: Taking Magnesium that Can’t Cross the Blood—Brain Barrier

There are SO many types of Magnesium to choose from. Glycinate, Citrate, Oxide, Chloride, Taurate, and many more. But what most people don’t know is that NONE of these types of magnesium supplements are able to cross your “blood—brain barrier” – one of the body’s most unique self-defense mechanisms which helps keep harmful toxins in your blood from crossing over. In other words – a bouncer for your brain.

The only form of Magnesium that can cross the blood—brain barrier is Magnesium L-Threonate patented under the trade name Magtein. This magnesium-based functional ingredient is designed to support memory, focus and overall cognitive health, including ameliorating the effects of a neurological disorder. We decided to use this in our formulation because it has gone through rigorous clinical studies. Get your bottle here

Mistake 3: Overpaying for Collagen Powder

Most customers are looking for two things when it comes to a collagen powder – that it dissolves quickly and is tasteless.

Many of the big brands charge premium prices to cover their large advertising budgets. Our flavorless collagen powder is extremely high quality and dissolves easily with no taste. We often charge half as much as other brands for a similar or better quality product! Give our high quality, quick-dissolve collagen powder a try today!

At Double Wood, we understand that a one size fits all approach does not work when it comes to wellness. The path to a healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone. With so many supplements brands out there, it’s difficult to know who to trust and what to look for. We strive to educate and arm you with the necessary knowledge needed to make the best choices on your wellness journey.